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Introduction to Projects

Hackintosh Installer University

An open source tutorial & information collector for hackintosh installation. I’m the principal of this project and focus more on the basic knowledge of computer architectures than the sample installation of macOS.

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A lightweight android image watermark library that supports invisible digital watermarks. 🌁

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Open Data Kit (Collect)

ODK Collect is an Android app for filling out forms. It’s been used to collect billions of data points in challenging environments around the world. I’m a contributor of ODK Collect.

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PlayGroid (PlayWithMe Android)

PlayGroid is a social platform which allows user to create groups and set up activities with their friends. User can join other’s groups and activities, read the news from their groups and comment under the activities. It was selected as College Students National Innovative R&D Project in 2017.

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FaceHaha & Faces Detection

FaceHaha uses Face++ API to detect and change all the faces automatically in a picture. We use five points to locate the faces and set the most suitable rotation angles and coordinates for each pic.

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